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The toad poisoning

The toad in the grassToads poisoning is frequent in young players animals attracted by these small critters they find in the grass.

The toxicity of toads is due to the These secretions on their skin : dogs and cats will intoxicate by ingestion Toad or by simple licking.

It is poisoning grave which leads often to the death of the animal.


Habitat and way of life of toads



There are several species of toads in France, including the common toad and the natterjack Toad.

They are present throughout the french territory but it is not necessarily the same species found in different regions of France.

Whatever it is, they are all toxic.

They are active mainly At night.

They have no need to water except for breeding and laying eggs. Can therefore be found in sandy areas, in the gardens, in the bushes, in forests, in the mountains (up to 3000 m altitude for some species). During the breeding season, they emit a characteristic vocals which allows to identify.


Properties of the toxic substance


The toad skin is covered with secretions containing of bufogenines, powerful toxic causing symptoms in a few minutes.

These secretions are very acidic and therefore very irritating.

They cause renal vasoconstriction (reduction of the diameter of blood vessels supplying the kidney), hypertension, breathing difficulties and heart rate decreased (bradycardia).




Symptoms appear very quickly After contact with the Toad.

Observed an intoxicated animals bradycardia, of cardiac rhythm disorders, of convulsions, one paralysis, of hallucinations, of the diarrhea, of vomiting, one salivation, of ophthalmologic disorders.


What to do if you see your pet plays with a toad ?


Thirsty dogSpread it more quickly and flush the mucous membranes who have been in contact with the Toad. For this, You can use of thevinegared water.

Quickly consult a veterinarian so that he implement appropriate treatment. It will rinse the oral cavity and administer corticosteroids in a State of shock and put the animal under infusion.

Depending on the symptoms, and anti-histamines, anti-convulsant, or other treatments may be used.

Eye care will be required when eye.

A digestive dressing may be prescribed to treat digestive disturbances.




The prognosis toads poisoning is Dark : the animal may die in a few hours. Therefore, avoid contact with a toad. The best prevention is to keep your cats and dogs indoors at night.